Why I don’t write #5: Because I didn’t write yesterday

Reading Time: 2 minutes I really should even have to go into the obvious nature of this one. I think it’s maybe one of.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I really should even have to go into the obvious nature of this one.

I think it’s maybe one of the by-products of reading a lot bout habits and how to be active and successful, The importance of forming good habits – doing things every day at the same time every day, having cues to help you get on with whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

But in my case, that nagging voice has turned this into: “So, you didn’t write yesterday? FAIL! Why bother today!”

Obviously, this is ridiculous.

It wouldn’t apply to any other section of my life, either. Called in sick to work? Didn’t need it anyway. Too busy to cook so you got a takeaway? Might as well throw that oven out.

There are sometimes – often – genuine reasons that I haven’t written in a day or two. A visit, some work that needed doing, a scheduled night out that meant there wasn’t much time. Sometimes, things have to give and you can’t fit everything in. The answer is then not to decide that you’re never going to do the thing that gave, that one time. Because another time, something else will have to give. It’s about balance, and making the time work for me. Sometimes, I need to prioritise other things – family, work, the diy on the house. Sometimes, though, I need to prioritise writing.

I think the other important aspect here is making this a conscious choice Ideally – and again, no absolutes – I wouldn’t reach bedtime and suddenly realise I haven’t written anything. Instead, there should be time in my day when I’m planning to write – and if I’m not writing, a reason for it, something I can point to in my day and say: “there. That’s where that time went.”

Drifting can be so dangerous for your self-esteem. It seems like you’re busy and productive, and then you realise how little you got done of what was actually at the top of your priorities. I won’t hit every priority every day. But I feel like I should at least know why I didn’t when I don’t. And to decide that because I missed a day, I’m never going to do it again? Nope, that doesn’t make sense either.

What do you think?

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