This week: Half term round up

Reading Time: 3 minutes I usually have tons of plans during half term. A lot are often to do with catching up and getting.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I usually have tons of plans during half term. A lot are often to do with catching up and getting ahead with school work, and then there’s always a long list of things I want to get on and write as well.

This half-term has been a little different.

Being the summer, I’m enjoying a lot of extra time at work because my exam classes have gone, which makes my job suddenly manageable in the time I have while at school, which is brilliant. I also didn’t really have any writing goals this half term – instead, I had goals to enjoy myself, have some down time and relax!

My mum and youngest sister came to stay the first weekend of half term, and we had a great time; I’m really proud of how my sister’s turning out. She’s started doing her own music arrangements and composition, and is motivated to practice and improve. My aunt and cousins came across and we both enjoyed showing off our new house to everybody!

I also had eye surgery for ongoing issues (not the relaxing part of the holiday!) – they put a ring in my eye to reshape it, which is really cool and scifi. They used a laser which was a weird experience, and then faffed about in my eye (under local anaesthetic) to insert the ring. The whole time I just saw a kaleidoscope of the light they had me stare into, change and morph like those ones you used to play with as a kid. A bit of a scary process, but interesting too. I’ve been far more pain-free than I was expecting, which is also brilliant!

41tIoCc3Y0L__SX355__PJautoripBadge,BottomRight,4,-40_OU11__Then this weekend, two things I’ve been looking forward to for ages – Thea Gilmore at Hebden Bridge, who is always a great performer. Nigel Stonier was doing the support act, and I really enjoyed them both, as well as their onstage banter. The venue was interesting, and we both thought we should make an effort to go to Hebden Bridge during the day sometime to see what its like properly! Last night we went on the Haworth Haddock – very fun! A steam train from Oxenhope to Keighley and back (twice!). On the first trip you get fish and chips served to your table, and on the second you stop at the station to hear a live band play on the platform. last night’s band was J B Goode, playing rock and roll/rockabilly type stuff that I love! Something really different to do, and a great time. 2014-05-31 20.52.30

We’ve also spent a lot of the weekend playing marioKart8 including my first real foray into online playing, and I’ve been sneaking in a bit of exam marking here and there as well!mario-kart-8-artwork-51b8173a3ffd2It’s been a pretty awesome half term!






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