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Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s been a hectic few weeks! Blogging’s really taken a back-seat as we’ve been so incredibly busy. Our house purchase.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s been a hectic few weeks! Blogging’s really taken a back-seat as we’ve been so incredibly busy. Our house purchase was complete mid-April, and we moved into a house that has the potential to be truly stunning. We’re really looking forward to doing lots on it, and on the first day took loads of ‘before’ photos and a video tour, with a view to starting a blog about how we’re going to renovate and do up our house. We’d love to read some more about UK couples who are doing this, too – there are tons of US-based home renovation/DIY blogs, but it seems like very few people in the UK seem to – in the internet circles we’re currently in, that is! Any recommendations for reading gratefully received 🙂

It’s also been busy work-wise; I’d have said it’s the busiest time of year except that every time of THIS year has been busy! Fingers crossed, next academic year will be a little smoother, but there’s still plenty up in the air, and we’ll jus have to wait and see where the cards fall with that one. At the moment, it’s nothing I have control over and so I’m using the opportunity to practice mindfulness and stop worrying about things I can’t change. The exam classes have gone, sent on their way to do revision and then their exams, and the summer term pace always slows a little bit with that, so I’m hopeful that I’ll get some other things done as well.

April/May are always incredibly busy birthday months for my family, too, with five major birthdays in the space of a month! It often means a lot of driving up and down the M1 to see them, and this year was the added pleasure of a friend’s wedding so a weekend in Cardiff too. How did we find the time to move house?!

I’m going to start the #100happydays in the next day or so, too. I am intrigued by the idea and am more and more interested in the idea of mindfulness, although something in my kind of shudders a little at the word itself!  The idea that 71% of people fail to complete it due to lack of time also sparks my stubborn streak, I have to say!

Although I’ve loved the last month or so and the things we’ve done, I’m also looking back at the year so far and thinking: this is not quite right. I love the house, my fiancé, my job, all the things that I am doing, but I also have that sense of things that I’m not doing and, once again, I find that there are the things I often class as just “mine” which get pushed to one side in favour of others. It’s so easy, with the pressures from all sides, to not do the thing that nobody else is clamouring for, but it means that it doesn’t happen and is always second – or even third – best. May, with its spring-into-summer air and its place in the year, is the perfect time for regrouping and deciding what you’re going to do with the next eight months of 2014.

Doesn't our garden look gorgeous?
Doesn’t our garden look gorgeous?


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