Disclaimer and Privacy policy

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This disclaimer and privacy policy refers to www.charlotteunsworth.com, the website and blog of Charlotte Woolley, trading under sole-trader rules under the laws of England and Wales.

Products are bought at my own expense unless otherwise explicitly stated at the end of posts and in the title of the blog post (AD). Any financial transactions do not influence the integrity and honesty of my opinion or work produced.

Affiliate links

CharlotteUnsworth.com includes affiliate links, where I will earn a commission from any purchase made at no cost to the purchaser. This keeps the running costs of the website down.

Prices are exactly the same whether purchasing through an affiliate or non-affiliate link. It makes no difference to the purchaser but can help reduce my overheads.


All materials produced on this website, unless otherwise stated, are either produced by Charlotte Woolley or obtained from royalty free sources including Pixabay and Canva. Short excerpts and links can be used in accordance with fair use legislation provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlotte Woolley and www.charlotteunsworth.com.

If at any time you believe anything on this website has been identified as copyright free and this is not the case, then please contact charlotte@charlotteunsworth.com to discus and identify the content for further investigation.

Privacy Policy

The contents of this policy may change by updating from time to time. This policy is effective from 1/4/2019.

As per EU GDP legislation, this website may collect cookies to improve your br owsing experience. For further details as to what is stored and what it is used for please see the cookie policy: http://www.charlotteunsworth.com/cookie-policy

I DO NOT collect email addresses without your explicit consent. If you purchase through Payhip then your email address is collected in order to email your product to you, and to communicate any further updates to that product. It is not used for marketing purposes or passed onto anyone else.