About me

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I’m Charlotte Woolley (Unsworth is my maiden name) and I’ve blogged in various guises since….1997. Which is crazy in blogging terms. It’s been a lot of different sites (anyone remember Geocities?!) and a lot of different ideas. But all the way, Selfie001there’s been the central premise: I love to write and I love to read and I love to go way too deep with analysis.


My blog and my love of stories has changed as I’ve grown and developed – like people track their lives through music, I track mine through the phases of books I’ve gone through and the way I write.


You cannot pretend to read a book. Your eyes will give you away. So will your breathing. A person entranced by a book simply forgets to breathe. The house can catch alight and a reader deep in a book will not look up until the wallpaper is in flames.

Lloyd Jones, Mister Pip

There’s nothing better than getting lost in a book. Not just reading it, but completely getting absorbed so that it becomes a part of you and you’re not quite the same after that experience. At school I loved digging into books, pulling them apart, exploring every inch of them – it’s why I’m going into my tenth year teaching English at one of the top 100 schools in the country.


This website is for anyone who reads and writes and wants to get better or simply wants a place to geek out. If you know the feeling of when characters seem like old friends and Narnia seems more really than the wet windy world outside the window, then this website is for you.


I write because I must

Charlotte Bronte


Favourite now: The Sparrow, Mary Doria Russell.

Current childhood throwback: Drina, Ballerina! I am re-reading the whole series

Favourite guilty pleasure: Outlander, Diana Gabaldon

Looking forward to: Russell’s new book, The Women of Copper County

My plans for this site are ever-changing, but I’m excited to start branching out more into Youtube (watch this space!) as well as looking at hosting some follow-along book readings, looking at some non-fiction, especially positive psychology which is incredibly powerful stuff (in a non-woo-woo way) and, of course, digging way too deep and geeking out over books.